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wow, a new journal so soon...
well, actually, I desperately need your advise :crazy:

about 3 weeks ago, my old mouse had to be replaced by a new one.
( the left mousekey was ... overused :XD: )

So I worked with that new mouse for a while, for university work and so on, for which it works kinda well.

You know that I draw all my stuff with my mouse, right?
It's like... uh... "my mouse is an extension of my hand", and stuff =p

Well, now I actually have holidays, and I start drawing, and suddenly come to realize "that new mouse is really REALLY bad!" for precise drawing! Not only is it unprecise, but also, harder to move the mouse itself precisely :(

I've tried to cope with it for a couple weeks now, but no, it just sucks.

So I looked up the technical details of both old and new mouse, and surprisingly it turns out the new mouse has 800dpi, and the old one 400 :O_o:

err... shouldn't the new one be better then? :wtf:

So, like... maybe the settings are wrong?
It came with Logitech MouseWare 9.79... i don't see any settings for changing the dpi-precision...
I already tried messing around with the settings but it doesn't actually help, tried to use a mousepad for a chnage but it doesn't actually help either

I still have both mice (though the old one's left mousekey doesn't work anymore, sadly -_-) -

and srsly</b>, drawing with the new mouse feels like trying to draw with half of my hand cut of or something!
Aahhhhrg :X

So what I'm doing right now is using the old mouse with the broken left mouse-button, but press the left button on the touchpad of my laptop now.
That also feels extremly contra-intuitive... :(

And now I'm uncertain if I screwed up the settings so much that this whole thing makes me even notice the difference during normal working.... :crazy:

So... got any words of wisdom for me? :please:

Or otherwise I'm just going out tomorrow to just buy another one...

without knowing what to look for in order to avoid the same problems again...



Bought myself a new mouse now, this one seems fine by me, so journal's no longer of much relevance... err...
have a nice day! :)

PS: SOnic flashmovie is coming along nicely :)
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DCLeadboot Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmmm, I can see where drawing with a mouse would give you trouble. When my old tablet died, I was having to learn to draw with a mouse again and it was hard!
I really recommend a Wacom tablet for drawing... :hmm:
ShinjuuDarkfox Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2008  Student General Artist
Man, I know your pain! Changing mice can feel so awkward, I tried a cordless but it ate up batteries faster than I could buy them and now I have an optical but it seems so shaky. Don't know if it is the mouth itself or my hand being shaky but I don't remember such problems before. I do like optical mice, don't have to clean the rollers and stuff... which is good, but getting used to it's feel is awkward. Though maybe I've not been using it enough though.

Hope you overcome your problem .
Frobman Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2008   Filmographer
Can't say I've any. But I do know it takes a while getting used to a mouse of a different build and model.
UltraTheHedgetoaster Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2008  Hobbyist Artist
well who knows!
the rocket exploded in space, yes, but if anyone could survive that, then Chuck Norris, Superman, Godzilla, and Segata Sanshiro (among others)! =P

So maybe he wasn't exactly killed, but only send out into space!
Maybe right now he's lectoring aliens about the importance of playing a videogamesystem they never heard of... :shrug:
Or destroying their planet because they don't/can't wanna buy one...
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