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October 21, 2008


I found a store selling tablets, and already over the phone, I was served with info;

Now I've not come around to notice the name "Wacom" being mentioned by numerous artists, so it didn't come as a surprise when I was recommended a Wacom, a "Wacom Bamboo Fun" to be precise:…

Now another question is the size format of the tablet;
Either a small one, "DIN A6"-size I was told, for 99€ (~130$), or a medium sized one (DIN A5, which is like, half of DIN A4 I think), for 179€ ( ~230 $) :O_o: (wow, quite a difference) which I am a little less willing to pay
(no, I wouldn't go for the large one, DIN A4 - that'd cost 500€! :O)

My monitor is, uh, 15'', I think

And the tablet is supposed to have some sort of "zoom function" (whatever that means),
so I suppose the A6 small-sized version should be working out...

just for your convinience, I've taken measurements and made a size-reference sheet on paper: ultra-the-hedgehog.deviantart.…

uh... yeah. ^^;
I'm pretty convinced now that this should be a good choice, and think that A6 should work... I guess.

Well, what size is your tablet, compared to your computermonitor?


When I look at my flashmovies, and how far I've come since I first started up a flash 8 "18 day trial", around 5th of March 2006,
I can't fail to realize that I'm still incredibly slow at this.
The roger tribute movie took me 6 - 8 months of time I actually focussed working on it, though that was my 1 1/2 th flashmovie, and for that, the animation quality is good;
And actually, I still have 2 larger projects unfinished, some minutes already animated, asides from the 17> minute Sonic flashmovie I'm working on. (taking a break now, after animating of a 4,5 minute scene took about 2 months :O_o: )
But, it's been about 2,5 years now, and I actually have only one big flashmovie done, and even if I count the others as, say uh 1.3 + 0.4 + 0.3 = 2, that's still not much. :/
Plus, I'm also too slow at drawing on the computer, and I'm too lazy to color pencil sketches all the time with no means of CTRL+Z-ing mistakes ^^;

So I need a tablet, believe it! ;)

...buuut I don't actually know much about tablets... so... here's my requirements and stuff:

a) I don't actually need a stand-alone maschine that runs the drawing programs on its own or anything, I got a laptop for that...
I'm thinking of something that I can simply attach to my 1.6 GHz Laptop through USB2.0, and open up, say, flash 8, paint, or any other drawing program and start drawing. Does that work?

b) ...I guess I should SEE what I'm drawing, otherwise, it'll be pretty damn hard to use, so ... like, shouldn't a tablet have a screen? o_O? Or how does that work out if it doesn't?? :?

c) Uh... would be cool, not 100% necesary, but usefull, if I could change the line thickness or something (in flash 8, I mean. I heard this works for photoshop, so maybe in flash as well?) by just changing how I press the pen on the screen or something like that

d) hm, can you get a tablet cheaper if you're a student? ...
of Computer Science? ^^;

e) Should never break or crash or something... ^^;

I was thinking in dimensions of about 100€; (which is, according to google, about ...135.69 U.S. dollars nowadays).
I'd accept if I had to go up to 150€; ( = 203.54$ ), though, though less then that would of course be pretty nice.

I heard tablets exist for even around 50€ only, but I'm willing to pay a little more to get something decent.
If the 50€; versions however are reported to be decent, that's also a good choice. :D

Oh - and which size should I buy? (A4 / A5 / whatever/ ... something like that)
I heard it matters, for usability


Sonic Unleashed - Wii vs 360 ?

hm - I happen to have a wii and a 360 as well.
And I need to decide which system to buy a game for.

The first screenshots of the Wii version kinda disappointed me o_O wii…… / 360……
I mean, the Xbox version looks so... uh... shiny! ^^;
and blurry! :iconohjoyplz:
( source… )

I know I shouldn't bother with graphics...
but it looks so great! ^^;

Then again, the Wii version has two things the Xbox doesn't have.
a) Wiimote controls - which sporns the question if these are making it worth to buy THAT version. I think I read somewhere that the Weresonic parts on 360 should be less good, but better on Wii due to the controls
b) The homebrew channel's Ocarina-hack. What's that? well, basically an exploit that'll allow anyone to use 'action replay'-like codes (me thinks) on Wii games ( example: brawl… ), without the need to change any technical stuff in the console - and you only need the Wii version of Zelda Twilight Princess, an SD-card, and some programs freely available on the internet for it. =P
...I just happen to not have the Wii version of Zelda Twilight Princess yet. ^^; (I 'only' have the Game Cube version)

Beyond knowing this exists, and having seen some videos and websites, I don't know anything about the scene behind it ...

but ... after some google research, I finally found this site:

Horray, seems they're not only hacking Smash bros. and Twilight Princess, so chances are, they might also hack Sonic Unleashed...
only question: will the codes be interesting? I'm not looking for "have all ..." / "inifinite health", but, like, even longer arms for weresonic? or "always play as weresonic"?
stuff like that.
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KawaiiSteffu Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
tablet, want one, wish my memory on my computer had more SPACE and my webcam yet again has swapped LMAO
UltraTheHedgetoaster Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2008  Hobbyist Artist
I recently bought an external harddrive with 232 Giga Byte (see my webcam) - the thing is so small, I can carry it with me :O
ANd it only costed 60€!
I could have also bought one with 160 GB for 45€,
or, for 79€, one with 300 or 320 odd so. :omg:

it's attached via USB 2.0

and the harddrive is pretty fast, first test I copied 10 Giga Byte of pointless data off the computer, and I think it took about 40 mins or 1 hour or so...

It doesn't actually get that hot, but I was told by someone in the store that I better shouldn't respect a certain maximum running time of 4 to 6 hours in one go...
perhaps doesn't matter that much, seeing how the thing really doesn't get that hot, and seems to cool down extremely fast once it isn't used.

there are even smaller ones, only about the size of a credit card, but those of course cost more, with less space.

So be on the lookout! External USB-harddrives with tons of GigaByte are pretty cheap nowadays 8D

And yes... that webcam, I've seen it before... SomethingAwfull, it was if I'm not mistaken.
But darn, if they ever'd make a Sonic movie with real human actors for the main cast, I'd better run. :fear:

Robotnik and the death star with a mustache look awesome though Xp

But hm, I've actually not really visited this site anymore since they wrote a rant on one of roger's animations -
For once he does offer to provide a fangame-project with an animated opening sequence, and then he gets that. :roll:

They discribed his style as a "Microsoft Paint animation" -_-;
Shows me how accustom I've grown to Roger's style (as I have kinda addapted it), I totally can't agree.

Well, it's not as much the fact they're ranting about roger, but rather that they're actually talking about something where I have background knowledge, and seems they don't seem to be sarcastic about the stuff they diss...
KawaiiSteffu Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
I see, nice :nod:

Yea if they do make that into a its gonna end up like the Mario movie which was so bollocks that it was a box office bomb, so I guess making movies like these based on computer games just doesn't work
BethanyBubbles Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2008  Student General Artist
I know what I am buying it for. I am freaking buying it for my ps3 cuz it feels loney... and I have a load of games on my wii already
UltraTheHedgetoaster Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2008  Hobbyist Artist
*pets PS3*
BethanyBubbles Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2008  Student General Artist
PS3: 8D Yay I'm loved
Me: XD
megatoaster Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2008
i want a tablet, too. :(
UltraTheHedgetoaster Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2008  Hobbyist Artist
me too :(
megatoaster Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2008
we both want one =(
mizox Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2008
sorry if what I said about tablets was misleading, what I meant was that drawing it on paper first was easier sometimes because the bloody things generally don't have screens, and the only real differences in level design between the versions of Sonic Unleashed is that the daytime 3D sections are a bit wider to accommodate the motion controls, the wii version supports the Gamecube and Classic controllers in addition to the motion control, so that isn't a problem, and the graphics don't look THAT much worse do they? besides, graphics generally take a back seat to other, more important fields, which in your case would probably be using weird hacks (which I want to see, badly)

btw I find that photo of your laptop which you took halfway through replying to Ozi90 amusing
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