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Submitted on
April 29, 2009


Hi, just a small service to those who are interested.

For those who are not, this journal has no point and may be skipped. :p

As stated in… , deviantArt plans on making changes to the "my.deviantart/messages"-page, so, the site that shows all the deviations of the artists you subscribed, and the comments you get.

As a result of these changes, all comments and deviations and such that are older than one year, will be removed from your inbox by May 1st.
(No, they will NOT delete the real comments or deviations, just remove them from your inbox, DUH.)

Personally, I'd like to keep most of my messages, even if they're 3 years old. :)

It can be fun revisiting an old comment posted on someone else's account that you impossibly can keep track of yourself. :roll:

Luckily there is an option "select all", in the current message center, seperatelly for deviations, journals, polls, comments, replys....
clicking it offers you the additional option of either selecting all displayed items, or, truly ALL items of the cathegory.

Then you can move ALL of them to a custom folder.
And, if I understand it correct, everything inside custom folders will go unharmed from deletion, as long as the folder doesn't exceed 10.000 items, or soemthing.

Just saying it,
since the function of REALLY selecting ALL messages/deviations/polls/journals/stuff slipped my own notice untill recently ^^; - so others may not have noticed it yet as well.

This has been a public service announcement, you may now proceed to .... do ... stuff.:p
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well, this was was helpful, thanks!
not a problem! :)
not sure if I'll use it, but I can see it being used by those of us who want to...
ah well. you've got... uh... either a couple of hours, or a couple of minutes left to decide, depending on the time zone dA's using for their "May 1st" due date, and the exact time when they actually perform the update.
lol, well, I don't save comments really
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