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Submitted on
February 5, 2011


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Fan Art

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 5, 2011, 1:06 PM
Hey, I thought I might put this subscription to use by setting up a proper fan-art section. ^_^

The following images are in no particular order (sorted a bit by preview image size, maybe).
I am almost certain I left someone or something out, so please forgive me / post a comment.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :new: UPDATE :new: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Heh, didn't think I'd have to update this journal so quickly!

Ultra got a small tiny little cameo in this fanart of Roger's IMP-character Tiffany:
Tiffany Sketches 1 by Mike-the-Reaper :iconmike-the-reaper:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fan Art ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Look What I Made by Mike2468 :thumb124341564: Simple Science 102 by Mike2468 :iconmike2468:
Basis for a breakfast by BeRnYGP :iconbernygp:
PP: Ultra the Magnetoaster by Khaahrncakes :iconkhaahrncakes:
SCOUT IS ULTRA by Razer112 Ultra's toast by Razer112 Ultra The hegehog 16-bit by Razer112 A.L.I.C.E In wonderland by Razer112   :iconrazer112:
Ultra's revenge by Orcbrother :iconorcbrother:
:thumb146159317: (RayaHonio sadly deactivated his account :()
X-Mas for Ultra-the-Hedgehog by LazyAsHell Ultra-the-Hedgehog's team by LazyAsHell  :iconlazyashell:
Ultraball GO by mizox :iconmizox:
:thumb191968402: :iconshoterakado123:

HeroTheHedgefox is doing so much fan-art and cameos for me, that it's impossible to put it all into this journal. ^^;
So here's a few examples:

Ultra the hedgehog MY WAY by HeroTheHedgefox The Ultimate Adventure v.2 by HeroTheHedgefox The REAL Ultra. by HeroTheHedgefox Hero: Torture Meme by HeroTheHedgefox

~~~~~~~~ Sonic Billiard Adventure - Fan Art ~~~~~~~~~~

Ideas for SBA by Soraply11 :iconsoraply11:
Sonic Shooters by HeroTheHedgefox :iconherothehedgefox:
Super Echidna Brothers by KingMonster :iconkingmonster:

And here we've got "Team Dreams" in their original form ... and in their ball-form :w00t:
(sorry, I can't remember if it was :iconade-andario: or :icond-thessy: who made it. Please tell me. ^^;)
Ey, you-TEAM DREAMS by Ade-AndaRio

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Commissions ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ultra the toaster commish by mmishee Knux, Sapphire and M.E. by mmishee :iconmmishee:
Box cracking by Frobman :iconfrobman:

First of a 10-page comic made by :icontheeyzmaster: - Click here.
My Pal MEPHILES 01 by theEyZmaster

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cameos ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Shiney New Rocket by Orcbrother :iconorcbrother:
Hey A Dollar by ZoDy :iconzody:
(can you spot Sapphire? ;)
30'000 Pageviews Celebration by DCLeadboot :icondcleadboot:
Tiffany Sketches 1 by Mike-the-Reaper :iconmike-the-reaper: :new:
look closer...


And let's not forget - my very own ^^;

  • Watching: Detective Conan movies
  • Playing: Pokémon Emerald :)
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HeroTheHedgefox Feb 12, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
looks like i popularized the curl on his head XD
UltraTheHedgetoaster Mar 5, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
I guess that's what Ultra would've looked like in the 80's ^^
HeroTheHedgefox Mar 5, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
speaking of ultra...

i really have to do another unstoppable forces pic. and i was hoping to make a "that time of year again" pic in time for valentines day, but im a deviant, and thus ive been badly influenced by other deviants to be late on everything. i didnt mean you of course ^^;
Actually, that attribute suits me perfectly :XD:

Remember that abstract group picture I posted in mid-February?
That was my christmas-picture. ^^;

Well, it's all for fun and done in one's own sparetime anyway, so no need for preasure. :)
HeroTheHedgefox Mar 14, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
great. instead of making another unstoppable forces pic, it seems as if i have drawn yet ANOTHER comical incident in which ultra beats up hero...


wow... that's quite alot of art XD
UltraTheHedgetoaster Feb 8, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
It hasn't been that long. ;)
Yeah, indeed! :lol:
true, and I've been bugging you for... how many years now?

congratulations, you are now popular!
XDDDD The fanart is funny. I like your OC's gif. Yo have more friends.

P.D: LOL i see my sister's art here >D
Luke-the-F0x Feb 6, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pretty awesome fanart collection here.

I got a Luke The fox Fanart collection in my faves. feel free to check it out. [link]
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