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Here's my Skype account:

^- That's two underscores at the beginning.

I'm not online very often (okay, barely ever), but maybe we'll run into each other sometime. :)

EDIT: When adding me to Skype, please include your dA name or some other phrase that tells me you aren't a random spam-bot. ;) 
Want to know how a Google's image-recognition algorithms see the world? :lol:

No? :O_o: Oh, okay. ^^;

Wanna see what they come up with if you run them in reverse instead? :crazy:

Friendship is Eldritch by UltraTheHedgetoaster

Fluttershy's Nightmare by UltraTheHedgetoaster

"I wonder what she's dreaming about..."

''I wonder what she's dreaming about'' by UltraTheHedgetoaster
(Can you spot Princess Luna in this picture? ;))

''I wonder what she's dreaming about, still'' by UltraTheHedgetoaster

The Tantibus has escaped

The Tantibus has Escaped by UltraTheHedgetoaster
(Luna edited back in afterwards.)

Earth, as envisioned by Cthulhu

Earth, as envisioned by Cthulhu by UltraTheHedgetoaster

Okay, okay. I hear you flippingtripping out. What the hay is going on?

Well, someone else already explained it in this video:

...And heck, there's even video-filters for this thing. [link] :O_o:
...Although I haven't bothered to check where to find 'em, all I got's that video. :P


Google made the code Open Source, and now there's free websites like, where everybody can make their own crazy lovecraftian horrorsurreal art, with the press of a button :w00t:
 ....... and anywhere between 30 seconds and 5+ minutes of wait-time. ^^;

Before / After:

Insert your own dialogue here. by UltraTheHedgetoaster'Insert dialogue here', extreme version. by UltraTheHedgetoaster
Amy Rose by UltraTheHedgetoaster''I don't see it... New haircut?'' by UltraTheHedgetoaster

So far,'s the best and fastest site I've seen.

A few hints:

For even crazier results, run the thing again on its result, with a different filter. =P

In my experience - it does sometimes say "internal error" or "Error - please choose a different picture", but then, after a few minutes or so the page refreshes and the picture is there anyway. Just leave the tab open and come back later. ;)

Bit odd that it throws an error message but then works anyway, but I sure ain't complaining. ^^;

Let's see what wacky stuff comes out the other end for you! :iconpsychotwilightclap:

Check out this awesome and super-professional dub of "Too many Pinkie Pies - The Appropriate Reaction" made by the trio of Magpiepony [fimfic] , IMShadow007 [dA] and PegasusPitchVA! :D

...The funny thing is, I stumbled into this by complete accident after seeing this delightfully absurd video, and deciding to check out Magpiepony's channel to see what else was there.

The first video on the channel was the above video. Submitted only 4 hours prior.

My initial reaction went something like this:

:icondisapprovingplz: "whut"
:iconpinkiegaspplz: "Woah, wait, what?!"
:iconpinkiestarryeyesplz: "OMG"
:iconcutepinkiepieplz: "D'aaaaaw." :love:
Looking for suggestions for quick and easy-to-do stuff I could do to get back into animation / video editing. (No promises!)

There's probably lots of simple things I could do, that I'm just not thinking off. :hmm:

Anyone got any good, quick ideas?  :?

Like... voiceacting over an old comic of mine or something. :shrug:

It's also very difficult to find the motivation to "get back into it" after... what's it been, two / tree years? :O_o:  

Anyone got any ideas for that? ^^;

Not to mention, the least fun part is always the loooooooong preparation-phase before I can actually begin animating / video editing. (Recording footage / drawing all the characters/backgrounds first). :roll:

I used to have these long weekends where I would sit down for 7 hours straight and draw character-models, THEN actually animate a bit, then still have enough time afterwards to play videogames. =P

Yeah. Don't have that kind of time anymore - or, well, I do have enough time, just not for 7 hours in a row. ^^;

So these days usually I'm tempted to only do things where I can make progress very very fast.  ^^; ^^;

Anyone got an idea how to get myself motivated to power through that? :?
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Thanks to everyone who made suggestions!

In the end, it was :iconmizox:'s suggestion to use the 64-bit browser Waterfox that fixed the problem.

I mean, sure, Waterfox eats up 3.5 - 4 GB outta the 8 GB RAM my PC has, but despite that, it hasn't even crashed once all day yesterday - nor has Session Manager run out of memory, for that matter. :omg:

Installation also was super-easy, it doesn't even need to import anything - it just continues using the profile from Firefox in same folder. :D

Waterfox for the win! :w00t:

My Firefox keeps crashing frequently, sometimes just after just an hour or two of use.

And no, I've long since ceased using Firefox to watch Youtube-videos. :hmm:

When Firefox boots up, it immediatelly grows up to 1.8 - 2.0 GB of RAM usage. And that's before I even connect to the internet or do anything. :O_o:

During normal use, over time it goes up to ~2.7 - 3.0 GB and then crashes. :(

I want to know why it does that. And how to fix it. :nod:

Now, for some information:

At the moment, I have 2388 tabs open in Firefox----

Yes, I know--

No, stop--

Wait, let me expl---

... ... ...

Oh har har, I get it. He has over 2000 tabs open and he asks why Firefox crashes. "Lol". :iconsarcastictwilightplz:

Yeah, the thing is, 2388 tabs isn't much. I used to be able to run 3100 tabs just fine. :bucktooth: 
3300 tabs was where things got wonky, and I began cleaning up a bit. :P

Also, I always disconnect the internet before I start Firefox, then wait 5 minutes for it to time out on trying to load every single tab at once. =P

Not just that, but I set it to auto-delete offline-cache data on shutdown AND I regularly clear my history to reduce session-filesize. ;)

(Oh yeah, my session manager also fails all the time, usually with messages like "Error: OUT_OF_MEMORY" or "Error: undefined:undefined".) :icontwilightstareplz:

So, I get the newer versions of Firefox simply run less stable than the old ones. :shrug:

But what I don't understand is simply -- why is Firefox eating up 2 GB on bootup anyways? Internet-connection is disabled so it has nothing to load, and offline-cache is cleared automatically so it REALLY has nothing to load. What is it doing? :O

To Firefox, shouldn't all those not-yet-loaded tabs just be some lines of text where it stores the tabs' adresses? That can't take up 2 GB!

Also, how does 2 hours of regular browsing on "normal" websites with small images and banners equate to 1 GB RAM increase? :?

Also, in case anyone wants to know what ad-ons I use:
Firefox Ad-ons I use by UltraTheHedgetoaster
I liked it. :D

Creepy village that is gonna turn on the newcomers and/or try to "convert" them? Typical X-Files plot. :bucktooth:

Pinkie Pie's reaction could've only gone one step further - by calling out the cliché and immediatelly insisting on turning around and calling for "backup". :P

Heh. There's a whole bunch of fanfiction scenarios in this.

:bulletred: What, if a donkey had come to the village? No mark doesn't mean no talent, it just means you can't take it away. =P

:bulletred: What, if the mane six had stayed locked up? Pretty sure Celestia would've sent a platoon of guards sooner or later. :bucktooth:

:bulletred: If Starlight Glimmer had "succeeded" in brainwashing the mane six, would that reallyhave allowed her to take over Equestria? I think not. :roll:
It's a bit of a better plan than "take over the country using an army of magically brainwashed high school students", but still ... a huge margin for error.
So far, the only ones with a chance at world domination have always been those with the magical and/or military strength to back up their plans (Crysalis/Nightmare Moon/Discord/Tirek/Trixie using the Alicorn Amulet). It would be interesting to see a villain with a legit chance through sheer cunning.

:bulletred: What happened to the village while Tirek was on the loose?

:bulletred: Could there have been ponies in the village other than Starlight Glimmer who felt better while everyone was "equalized"? Specifically, ponies with troubled pasts relating to their talents, or ponies with skills-sets that set them so far apart from everyone else they feel left out?

:bulletred: What, if instead of making everypony "not better than anypony else" (= making everypony just as terrible as the least skilled member of the group), it had shared and divided their special talents perfectly evenly?

So that, if, say, by converting Rainbow Dash, the entire village's average speed and athleticism would have increased? :noes:

Or, alternately, cutie mark allocation based on a rotating loan system? :lol:
So I cleaned my computer today, for at least the 9th time in 2 years.

I know my room is always collecting an unreasonable amount of dust, you literally can spend 2.5 hours cleaning everything and have it all be dusty again two days later.

So this picture wasn't the surprise:
IMAG2086 dust by UltraTheHedgetoaster

Nah, I got that easily cleaned out with two fresh cans of pressurized air.

What DID surprise me though was this.

IMAG2093 dust graphics card by UltraTheHedgetoaster

VIDEO0466 graphics card dust 0000010310XXX by UltraTheHedgetoaster

WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT, hold the presses. My computer... HAS A FOURTH FAN!?!!! I never noticed this fan before! :omfg:

I Am Stupid (sometimes) by UltraTheHedgetoaster

Well, that explains why cleaning the computer never fixed the problem. Because I didn't clean the fan I actually would have NEEDED to clean to fix it. :doh:

Now I feel really stupid for assuming the three fans I could see from the outside were the only ones the computer had, and for never turning the PC upside down.
...What? It's what I actually had to do in order to clean it, I couldn't have reached it overwise. Had to be careful that the PC didn't fall over, since it wasn't meant to be turned upside-down.

See this little dust-devil in the upper right corner there?
(This was after quite some cleaning, mind you.)

VIDEO0473 0000008227 1 Dust Graphics Card fan by UltraTheHedgetoaster

Since I never cleaned this part of the computer, it's been growing for three years. It didn't even come out with pressurized air, nor with cotton sticks.

Only once a paint-brush, tweezers, and some VERY tentative application of a vaccuum cleaner (while holding down the fan to prevent it from spinning, thus inducing electricity and damaging it) got involved, did it FINALLY yield, and it only took over AN HOUR to get it out.


IMAG2105 dust graphics card fan by UltraTheHedgetoaster

...And guess what?

graphics card at 45C (dust problem solved) by UltraTheHedgetoaster

That fixed it! The graphics card now runs smooth at 45 - 50°C instead of 88°C, and the computer is quieter than even the birds outside! :wow:
(I have, at all times, ~2500 tabs open in Firefox, mind you.)

All in all, an exciting ~6+ hour long adventure, with a great pay-off. :nod:

And who knows? Maybe, just maybe, after 2 years of not being able to, I might get to play PC-games again?

. . .

Well, okay, let's not get too confident just yet.
...Or something to that effect.

Remember this journal?  - "Help - Hot, hot graphics card"

When I turned on my PC today, one of the fans (beats me which one it actually was) made a rather strange noise. It was over after a few seconds, but then five minutes later it happened again. 

Sounds like one of the fans (the loud one, whichever one of the three that is I have never managed to find out) is slowing down and speeding up, even rattling, sounding like its motor is struggling to work.

I`ve actually had that happen once before, though back then it sounded even worse, and then the fan just stopped working entirely until I cleaned out the PC with pressurized  air. After that, it took a while, but then it was working "normally" (aka being loud, and hot, but not sounding like a dying motorcycle) again.

So instead of waiting for it to become worse, I shut down my PC, and will be cleaning its insides today.

(other than with my phone and checking comments there is tedious)
Please comment only on deviantArt instead.

(...No, I didn't write this journal on my phone, but I won't be checking my youtube page through this)


(Because that's clearly what's causing the overheating problem, the fans not working optimally because they're hindered by dust.

In the past 2 years I already cleaned out the PC with pressuirzed air cans and even cotton-sticks in some areas about 8 times, but it never really gets better. 

Meaning I'm doing something wrong, or not good enough to clean out the really stuck dust hindering the fans.

Any ideas?
EDIT: Probably should've updated this right after the contest was over;
Had a solid #4 at the time when the vote closed, with this cute story taking the #1 spot. :meow:
I can't be sad for losing to that. :nod:

"Long title": Help me win a contest (or not, I dunno - just vote for who you think has the best entry).

One of my 11 entries made it into the final ten in drawponies' pony comic-script contest!

Go here to check out the finalist entries, and vote for which you like best!

[VOTE HERE, on deviantArt]

(Please actually read the other entries first before voting for meinstead of voting blindly. ^^;)

You can read the contest entries here in an easy overview. :nod:

The winner gets their script drawn! (They also win 100$, so that's nice too.) ;-)

Voting ends tonight (Feb 11th)!

At "midnight", USA Eastern Standard Time! (aka "11:59 pm" or "23:59 h")
(Current Time in EST)
Pinkieviduality (Cover-image) by UltraTheHedgetoaster

...After over two years of telling people "I'm also working on this other story", I can finally link them to ... well, the beginning of it, anyway. ^^;

Get chapters 1.1 and 1.2 here on fimfiction! :iconpinkieismindfckedplz:

Also with audio books, as always. :nod:

(Story is currently still waiting for approval, but I guess you can read it already.)

And, if you like, don't forget to give me an up-vote.
*wink wink nudge nudge hint hint subtle cue*



The lone pink pony happily bounced down the path, trying to catch the tiny blue butterfly with her hooves, not a care in the world. She'd left Ponyville behind a while ago – but obviously, the path would lead her right back to it. Either that, or it led to the water-mirror cave.

Not that she knew of any other places it could possibly lead to...

TAGS: Mirror-Pinkie joins a traveling circus.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Without knowledge of events taking place in Ponyville, a cheerful Pinkie-clone wanders out of town by simple chance – and stumbles straight into a traveling circus.

. . .

A few months later, she returns to Ponyville...

:iconpinkiedoesnotwantplz::iconapplejackishighplz::icondashiehmmplz::iconrarityhoofinmouthplz::iconfluttershycanthasplz::iconohmycelplz: :iconpinkiepiesad:

Can the grim conclusion of "Too Many Pinkie Pies" be led towards a happy ending? :noes:
Hey there, boys and girls, it's that time of the  [insert arbitrary time interval here] again! =P

Every once and again, I get ideas. Story ideas.

Ideas I'd never get around to realizing myself. Seeing how, ya know, I'm already occupied writing other things. :P (Lick)
Thusly, I'd like to share. :icontwilighthigirlsplz:

And maybe somepony else willing to can write them. :shrug:

So here's a few quick ones. :P

A Breezie falls in love with Fluttershy.

Based on this image by vavacung:
Tiny Heart by vavacung

...How is this not a ship yet? I'm surprised.

(Keep in mind that, for a Breezie, even getting a rose as a gift is already a life-threatening adventure.)

Having seen her turned into a breezie, [insert name here] helplessly falls in love with her. Fluttershy is not sure how to react to the overly affectionate advances of the tiny not-quite pony creature.

...It could be a comedy, with the breezie going completely overboard in his declaration of undying devotion. And a swooning Rarity who finds all of this SO ROMANTIC! :heart:

And Fluttershy is caught in the middle of it all. :bucktooth:

"Sweetie Belle and the Magical Marshmallow"
Prompt - Write a story based on this image by Audrarius:
Sweetie Belle and the magical marshmallow by Audrarius

Plot summary:

"Her big sister was always overworked, and never had time for her.

So when Rarity accidentally turns herself into a marshmellow - which totally wasn't Sweetie Belle's fault (okay maybe a little) - she sees an opportunity to spend more time with her sister..."

Sisterly/marshmellowy bonding! :D

Government agents show up at Canterlot High and start asking questions.

Let's see the Hu-mane six and School-Principal Celestia wiggle their way out of that one. :evillaugh:

Optional: X-Files reference here. :P

This journal is part of the "story ideas" series.
Previous: 'Angel Bunny steals the Alicorn Amulet'

Story-Idea: Angel Bunny steals the Alicorn Amulet by UltraTheHedgetoaster

Also, if you wanna catch some of my ideas "early" or see other people's random story-ideas, I occasionally post stuff in the "MLP writing prompts Reddit" and "The Idea Exchange"
Merry C҉hŗis̷t̨maś, H̟̖͙̫̙̙͡o͕̦̫͍ H̟͕̦̝̭͔͔͢o̭̲ ҉̭̘͎̳͙̲͉H̦̝̲̲̺͇ͅo͓̰̫̤̭͖̬͡o̶̰̯͇͇̯̦o͠o̠̮͚͇͍͔oo̷*͟*̼̻͈͎̝͜ͅ*͉̲̜̗̗̗̕STOP: A problem has been detected with your graphis card and Windows has been shut down to  prevent damage to your computer. :roll:

Err... Happy Holidays!  Yaaaaaaaaaaay... ^^;

... So yeah, my graphics card is constantly at 85° by default - and only goes up from there. It's already pretty hot in secure mode, too. :iconfacepalmplz:

Kinda ironic that this happens when we finally get the first snow. ^^;

Here are some temperature values during "normal operations":

It's been a long term problem, but this morning I got a bit of a bluescreen jump-scare. :fear:

Though it seems to be running "normally" for now. :shrug:

If the graphics card running at 85° under no stress is "normal". :roll

So I figured I may as well ask - anyone have any ideas on what can be done, per chance?

More information also in this video:

EDIT: Oh, and here's your WTF-moment of the day:

New tumblr blog by DocWario

All of my WHAT. :bucktooth:
Pinkieviduality (Cover-image) by UltraTheHedgetoaster

That's right, I'm looking for editors to go over chapter 1 of the yet-unreleased "Pinkieviduality".

Yes, finally, after what turns out to be exactly 2 years and one day since the first draft, then typing up 50+ pages out of chronological order while repeatedly going in and out of "hiatus" on that little side-project, I figured "buck it, I gotta finish up the first chapter and go from there".

Basically, I got tired of always telling people that "I'm also working on another story, but I can't show you because I haven't published anything yet." :roll:

Obviously, no promises of any schedules whatsoever, my writing speed is too unpredictable for that, sorry. ^^;

Especially since "Daring Do and the Secret of the Fourth Wall" is still going, if somewhat sluggishly at the moment.
(It's that one blasted scene in chapter 10. -_-;; Not that I haven't gone ahead and written other, later scenes anyway. ^_^; )

Editors should...
- Help me fix up spelling / grammar / odd phrasing / story-formatting
- Look over the narrative for anything that can or should be improved

Anypony up for it? :lol:

To recap, "Pinkieviduality", in five words:

Mirror-Pinkie joins the circus. :bucktooth:

I don't have a catchy "book back-cover text" at the moment, though the general summary is this:

She didn't run. She didn't escape. One of Pinkie's clones simply wandered off, out of town, and stumbled into a traveling circus.

The ponies there had never met the original Pinkie Pie. They treated her like any normal pony.

Well... relatively "normal", anyway.

And thus begins a tale of fun, friendship, and basic lifelessons, such as, but not limited to:
- "Breaking other ponies' stuff is bad"
- "Eating cake that doesn't belong to you is also bad"
- "It's more fun to share the fun"
- "Oh for the love of Celestia, Pinkie, what are you doing in the manticore-cage? ...Again?"

No existential angst or preposterous accusations of "you're just a copy" here, no siree! =P

A few months later, she returns to Ponyville...

:iconpinkiedoesnotwantplz::iconapplejackishighplz::icondashiehmmplz::iconrarityhoofinmouthplz::iconfluttershycanthasplz::iconohmycelplz:   :iconpinkiepiesad:


Can the grim conclusion of "Too Many Pinkie Pies" be led towards a happy ending? :noes:

Hi again.

Remember Pinkieviduality?

The not-yet-published story about one of Pinkie's clones joining a traveling circus?

'Course you do, I've been blabbering on about it for months. ^^;

I'm now finally slowly beginning to start slowly closing in on "finishing" chapter 1 (well, sort-of). ^^;

But I'm still trying to figure out what to name this OC-character. :noes:

To reiterrate:
1. She is an earth-pony mare. So no stallion-names. :bucktooth:
2. Her special talent is "perfect balance".
3. She is both circus' director as well as doing a balancing act.
4. Trouble is: She has an (identical twin) sister that has nothing to do with the circus. (Her sister's job is still open for later changes.) Obviously, their names should be similar or follow a motiv. So I not only need a name for her, but a pair of names that fits. :O_o:


Please choose from the following:

Or you can make your own suggestion.

Circus director  & her twin-sister
Autumn Swirl     & Summer Swirl     // These are my current 'place-holder' names used in the story.
Mane Attraction  & Mane Style
Balance Check    & Cheque Account / Cheque Balance  
Tight Rope         & Roleplay
Star Balance      & Star Chart / Star

Also, Mirror-Pinkie might want to call her by a nickname. ^^;
Any preferences? :?
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(Full title should be something more like "FREE PONY-STORY IDEA: Angel-Bunny steals the Alicorn Amulet", but alas, dA won't allow such lenghty titles) :hmm:

Sorry, everyone who isn't a fan of "My little Pony: Friendship is Magic", this is one of those in-depth journals outsiders probably won't understand. ^_^;

Every once and again, I get ideas. Story ideas.

Ideas I'd never get around to realizing myself. Seeing how, ya know, I'm already occupied writing other things. :P
Thusly, I'd like to share. :icontwilighthigirlsplz:

And maybe somepony else willing to can write them. :shrug:

This is also posted in The Idea Exchange, so in the unlikely event you do intent to write this idea, please inform me so I can claim the idea as "taken".

Let's start simple.

Title: "Rise of the Planet of the Bunny-Rabbits"
Tags: Comedy
Characters: Carrot Top, flower trio, Angel Bunny, others...
Description: Angel Bunny steals the alicorn amulet and raises an army of bunnies to take over Carrot Tops farm. :evillaugh:

Probably starts off with Fluttershy leaving for a trip or something, and/or Angel doesn't get his favourite meal. Completely logical progression. :bucktooth:

Bonus-points if the story tries to take itself at least a little bit serious. As in, how could a group of small forest-critters have any sort of realistic chance against the magic-wielding / flying / super-strong ponies 10 times their own size? :plotting:

Keep in mind that Equestrian animals appear to be far more intelligent than their Earth-counterparts. See my thoughts on the subject of animal intelligence in Equestria here.

First of all, have the bunnies cut Carrot's farm-house off from the outside world. Overwhelm the few inhabitants and guests of the Carrot-household (Carrot Top, Derpy?, flower-trio) with sheer numbers, bind them with rope, etc, etc.

Possible angle could be for the flower trio to overcome their fear of rabbits and have them fight of the "adorable mennace".

Another possible angle: First the carrot-patch, then Ponyville, then the world! Mwahaha! :evillaugh:

Angel Bunny actually succeeds in taking over the carrot farm. Then, he sets his sights on bigger targets.

Possibly rope Applejack and Sweet Apple Acers in on the action (neighbors to the Carrots). Next up, estabilish a "base".

Now, how does an army of rabbits take over a town like Ponyville? :plotting:

Attack with both cute-ness and sharp teeth. :salute:

"Aww, but I can't hit them, they're so adorable!"
"Aaaaah, it bit my wing!" *CRASH*
"Aaaah, let go of my horn!" *BZZZT/electro-magical backlash SFX*
"Mister Fluffikens, how could you?!"

Use their small size to their advantage, crawl into buildings through small spots, etc.

Corrupted Angel Bunny uses dirty tactics. (No surprise there.) Poison the water-supply with poison joke, hold the foals as "hostages" to prevent siblings from making a move (threaten to use poison joke or equivalent threat, cut of mane/tail as a warning sign ), that sort of thing.

That could be a sub-plot by itself - school house surrounded by evil rabbits, Cutie Mark Crusaders have to "fight" their way through.

Telekinesis would be an issue, they'd either need to somehow find a way to disrupt it (rabbit gnawing on unicorn horn mid-cast = pain / temporary magic-blockage), or mayhaps half the unicorns are already conviniently sick due to magic flu.

Twilight probably should be out of town, she'd be a bit too OP here. ^^;

Possible bonus idea: The ponies aren't the ones who save the day, but their pets. :bucktooth:
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Happy Halloween! :lol:

Here's a picture of a pumpkin. That's totally halloween-related, right? :P

I totally did not post this journal to get rid of the old one. Nope.
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Story: ''Pinkieviduality'' - Help needed.

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 6, 2014, 5:42 AM

Remember "Pinkieviduality", the 'other project' I was working on?


Without getting your hopes up just yet, let me refresh your memory:

"Pinkieviduality", in five words:

Mirror-Pinkie joins the circus. :bucktooth:

I don't have a catchy "book back-cover text" at the moment, though the general summary is this:

One of Pinkie's clones randomly wandered out of town and stumbled into a traveling circus.

The ponies there had never met the original Pinkie Pie, and pretty much treated her like any normal pony.

Well... relatively "normal", anyway. ^^;

And thus begins a tale of fun, friendship, and basic lifelessons, such as, but not limited to:
"Breaking other ponies' stuff is bad", "Eating cake that doesn't belong to you is also bad", "It's more fun to share the fun", and "Oh for the love of Celestia, Pinkie, what are you doing in the manticore-cage? ...Again? Get out of there!"

No existential angst or preposterous accusations of "you're just a copy" here, no siree! =P

A few months later, she returns to Ponyville...

:iconpinkiedoesnotwantplz::iconapplejackishighplz::icondashiehmmplz::iconrarityhoofinmouthplz::iconfluttershycanthasplz::iconohmycelplz:   :iconpinkiepiesad:


In a way, this character is "Pinkie Pie"... and at the same time, she is not.

:iconpinkieisexcitedplz: "C... Cupcakes? For me?? I've never eaten those before! Do they taste fun?"
:iconpinkiegaspplz: "Wait... so you're saying that having fun is fun, but if I don't mind other ponies I might ruin *their* fun?! GASP! That wouldn't be fun at all!"
:icondepressedpinkie2plz: "I... I didn't mean to make a mess... I ... *sniff* I just wanted to have fun..."

D'awww. :meow:

When did I start working on this? Oh, about a month after the episode came out. December 2012, I think. On and off (mostly off to be honest), but still, I never did give up on the project. I can be quite persistent. ;)

I'm about 50+ pages in by this point.

Not 50 pages counting right from the start, more like "all over the place", written out of order. About half of that is actually from the second act.

Thus, it is still an <indeterminite amount of time> till a proper release - but YOU can help change thathelp turning <indeterminite amount of time> into <slightly less indeterminite amount of time>! :lol:

Problem #1:

I don't know how to structure the narrative properly.

Whenever I look at it, I don't see "wow, I've written so much already", it's more of a "oh god, there are all these gaps that I need to still fill and all those crucial scenes I still need to write".

And then there's the issue that the first act (= before Mirror-Pinkie returns to Ponyville) needs to cover a timeperiod of several months to sorta-catch up with the show, at least to a post-Twilicorn point. It wouldn't feel "realistic" otherwise.

What I've got so far covers a few days. :O_o:

It'll be jaring if there's so much stuff that takes place "at the beginning", and then suddenly in one chapter there's a jump over several weeks...

Writing "Daring Do", I've basically never done more than a "few hours" timeskips. Between chapters. After over 2 years of writing, I literally don't know how to write proper timeskips. :O

Help. ^^;

Problem #2, that is keeping me from just posting "chapter 1" and going on from there:

I also keep getting ideas out of order. As in, I have a lot of ideas à la "Mirror-Pinkie does X for the first time".

"Mirror-Pinkie eats a cupcake. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HER ENTIRE LIFE." :noes: You get the idea. ;)

So let's say I wrote chapters 1, 2, 3 (purely hypothetically). And then I get an idea that requires me to write "chapter 2 1/2". And then "chapter 2 3/4". And so on. @_@

Because "X" is already established in chapter 3, so "chapter 2 1/2" can't take place after it.


Again, help. ^^;

Thing #3:

Also, it'd be cool if I could brainstorm some scenes with somepony. ;)

Since this is mostly a "slice-of-life comedy", you can't exactly get spoilers in the same way as in a "mystery adventure" story like "Daring Do and the Secret of the Fourth Wall". :nod:
Which is to say, I could give you a random scene from the middle of the story, and the only "spoilers" you'd get would be for that one scene, not for anything before that.

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7 years on deviantArt!

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 11, 2014, 7:43 AM

Today is ... not the anniversary of the little "Deviant since Sep 26, 2006" note it shows on my userpage.

But it is the 7th anniversary of me uploading my first deviation to the site back in 2007, which is the one that counts in my book. :nod:
...Well, it was when I started typing up this journal. Then I got distracted and now it's 4 days later. But let's pretend it's still June 7th, okay? ;)

For those who only started stalkingfollowing me recently, my first dA-submission was by itself the accumulation of 6 - 7 months worth of animating.

It is a 13 minute long tribute to the great animator, :iconrogerregorroger: Roger van der Weide, who inspired me into picking up a pencil tablet-pen computer-mouse and start drawing in the first place. =P

A Random Tribute 2 Roger Weide by UltraTheHedgetoaster

Random fun fact: From start to finish, my first (and a half-th) flash animation took 1 year, 8 days, 21 hours and 41 minutes to completion, and only then did I even tell Roger what I had been doing all this time. Boy, was he surprised. :XD:
And yes, I actually know the exact time. XD

I'd imagine that cover image is pretty accurate. =P

The next mentionable milestone would be Sonic Billiard Adventure, which took 51 weeks to completion, baring a 3.5 month break inbetween.
This movie is a solid 30+ minutes long two-parter. =P

Sonic Billiard Adventure part1 by UltraTheHedgetoaster
You can also watch it on youtube, in a version with differently arranged scenes: [link] [link] [link] [link]

But, in actuality I didn't start my artistic endevours by drawing things - even before that, I already did video editing. More specifically, videos of hacked videogames presented in a humorous and/or stylish fashion. :bucktooth:

Welcome to... The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Zone.

Zelda: The Twilight Zone 01 by UltraTheHedgetoasterZelda: The Twilight Zone 02 by UltraTheHedgetoaster
[youtube part 1] [part 2]
Aaaaand apparently I did that one a year before Sonic Billiard Adventure. Huh. I always remembered it being the other way around. Err. ^_^;

And nowadays I of course write fanfiction and then there's ponies and all that, but of course you already know that. ;)

MLP Gameloft: The Difference between Day and Night by UltraTheHedgetoaster

Oh yeah, and that one comic of mine that got featured on Equestria Daily a year ago is now my most viewed deviation, with 43k views. :bucktooth:

. . .



For the first year on deviantArt, I drew everything with a mouse. That's not even counting the "Roger Tribute".
It wasn't until October 2008 that I started drawing with a tablet, though I couldn't do without anymore nowadays. ;)

The truly shocking twist, however is this:

Some rare few less than stellar doodles and a single comic aside, I never did any real pencil sketches until September 2012.
Meaning I haven't even been using "Pen and Paper" for two years yet. :ohnoes:

Yes, I indeed got inspired to become an artist using a mouse and a "Macromedia Flash 8" trial. :P

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Help me pick a pony name for this OC

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 25, 2014, 5:59 AM

Just a quick suggestion-ask post;

Trying to pick a name for an OC in "Pinkieviduality".

(Yes, I'm still ocassionally working on that on the side. Progress is slow on act 1, since it's a completely different type of story than "Secret of the Fourth Wall".)

:bulletred: Circus director, also acrobatic performer.
:bulletred: Special talent: Perfect balance. Ideal for a balancing act.
:bulletred: Flaw: Often has money on the mind when making decisions.

Possible names:

"Star Balance"
"Balance Act"
"Just Balance"
"Balance Check"
"Check Balance"

Or maybe you have a better idea. I'm terrible with making pony-names. ^^;

...Also, she is a mare. So no stallion-names. ;)

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UPDATE: Problem solved, more details at the bottom of the post.


So I've got a question regarding Google+, which is necessary to have an account for in order to post comments on Youtube these days.

So, I actually made a Google+ account. And then immediatelly got auto-suspended.

"Ultra The HedgeToaster" is the alias I am known by, asides from the ol' "UltramasterBDJ" on Youtube. 'Says that my name doesn't conform to their standarts, yadda yadda yadda.

I won't go into the details of why giving out your real name in direct connection to your online alias is ... bad. Needless to say, I do not intend to give my real name, that's crazy-talk.

"Your profile has been suspended because it violates our names policy -> Take action"

leads me to this:

Now, the obvious choice would be "Create a Google+ page".

...Except then I get this lovely issue:


Now, I've seen plenty of people on Google use nicknames. And their Google+ profiles don't seem to show their "real name" either. How does that work!? At this stage I'm just going to give Google a false name, because BLARGH.

But I don't want that false name to show up everywhere, in every service, on my youtube profile, etc, etc. Plus, it might conflict with my use of Google's future services, and... URGHHH.

Problem is solved.

...Turns out you don't actually need a "Google+ Profile", a "Google+ Page" is enough. I randomly got a pop-up offering this when hitting "reply" on a youtube comment out of frustrationby accident.

The difference is apparently that you can just keep your normal Youtube username (or change it if you like), and don't have to provide a real name. Exactly what I was trying to do, so horray for that.

After some logging out and in and out and in again everything worked again.
(Youtube briefly got confused because both my useless Google+ profile and my entirely separate Google+ Youtube-page both run under the same email adress. So obviously I should never have created that Google+ Profile in the first place.)
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  • Reading: synthesized audio books of MLP:FiM fanfics
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  • Playing: Saints Row 3rd on my repaired Xbox360
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