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7 years on deviantArt!

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 11, 2014, 7:43 AM

Today is ... not the anniversary of the little "Deviant since Sep 26, 2006" note it shows on my userpage.

But it is the 7th anniversary of me uploading my first deviation to the site back in 2007, which is the one that counts in my book. :nod:
...Well, it was when I started typing up this journal. Then I got distracted and now it's 4 days later. But let's pretend it's still June 7th, okay? ;)

For those who only started stalkingfollowing me recently, my first dA-submission was by itself the accumulation of 6 - 7 months worth of animating.

It is a 13 minute long tribute to the great animator, :iconrogerregorroger: Roger van der Weide, who inspired me into picking up a pencil tablet-pen computer-mouse and start drawing in the first place. =P

A Random Tribute 2 Roger Weide by UltraTheHedgetoaster

Random fun fact: From start to finish, my first (and a half-th) flash animation took 1 year, 8 days, 21 hours and 41 minutes to completion, and only then did I even tell Roger what I had been doing all this time. Boy, was he surprised. :XD:
And yes, I actually know the exact time. XD

I'd imagine that cover image is pretty accurate. =P

The next mentionable milestone would be Sonic Billiard Adventure, which took 51 weeks to completion, baring a 3.5 month break inbetween.
This movie is a solid 30+ minutes long two-parter. =P

Sonic Billiard Adventure part1 by UltraTheHedgetoaster
You can also watch it on youtube, in a version with differently arranged scenes: [link] [link] [link] [link]

But, in actuality I didn't start my artistic endevours by drawing things - even before that, I already did video editing. More specifically, videos of hacked videogames presented in a humorous and/or stylish fashion. :bucktooth:

Welcome to... The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Zone.

Zelda: The Twilight Zone 01 by UltraTheHedgetoasterZelda: The Twilight Zone 02 by UltraTheHedgetoaster
[youtube part 1] [part 2]
Aaaaand apparently I did that one a year before Sonic Billiard Adventure. Huh. I always remembered it being the other way around. Err. ^_^;

And nowadays I of course write fanfiction and then there's ponies and all that, but of course you already know that. ;)

MLP Gameloft: The Difference between Day and Night by UltraTheHedgetoaster

Oh yeah, and that one comic of mine that got featured on Equestria Daily a year ago is now my most viewed deviation, with 43k views. :bucktooth:

. . .



For the first year on deviantArt, I drew everything with a mouse. That's not even counting the "Roger Tribute".
It wasn't until October 2008 that I started drawing with a tablet, though I couldn't do without anymore nowadays. ;)

The truly shocking twist, however is this:

Some rare few less than stellar doodles and a single comic aside, I never did any real pencil sketches until September 2012.
Meaning I haven't even been using "Pen and Paper" for two years yet. :ohnoes:

Yes, I indeed got inspired to become an artist using a mouse and a "Macromedia Flash 8" trial. :P

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Help me pick a pony name for this OC

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 25, 2014, 5:59 AM

Just a quick suggestion-ask post;

Trying to pick a name for an OC in "Pinkieviduality".

(Yes, I'm still ocassionally working on that on the side. Progress is slow on act 1, since it's a completely different type of story than "Secret of the Fourth Wall".)

:bulletred: Circus director, also acrobatic performer.
:bulletred: Special talent: Perfect balance. Ideal for a balancing act.
:bulletred: Flaw: Often has money on the mind when making decisions.

Possible names:

"Star Balance"
"Balance Act"
"Just Balance"
"Balance Check"
"Check Balance"

Or maybe you have a better idea. I'm terrible with making pony-names. ^^;

...Also, she is a mare. So no stallion-names. ;)

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This is a Stamp? by Candy-Swirl
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  • Reading: synthesized audio books of MLP:FiM fanfics
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UPDATE: Problem solved, more details at the bottom of the post.


So I've got a question regarding Google+, which is necessary to have an account for in order to post comments on Youtube these days.

So, I actually made a Google+ account. And then immediatelly got auto-suspended.

"Ultra The HedgeToaster" is the alias I am known by, asides from the ol' "UltramasterBDJ" on Youtube. 'Says that my name doesn't conform to their standarts, yadda yadda yadda.

I won't go into the details of why giving out your real name in direct connection to your online alias is ... bad. Needless to say, I do not intend to give my real name, that's crazy-talk.

"Your profile has been suspended because it violates our names policy -> Take action"

leads me to this:

Now, the obvious choice would be "Create a Google+ page".

...Except then I get this lovely issue:


Now, I've seen plenty of people on Google use nicknames. And their Google+ profiles don't seem to show their "real name" either. How does that work!? At this stage I'm just going to give Google a false name, because BLARGH.

But I don't want that false name to show up everywhere, in every service, on my youtube profile, etc, etc. Plus, it might conflict with my use of Google's future services, and... URGHHH.

Problem is solved.

...Turns out you don't actually need a "Google+ Profile", a "Google+ Page" is enough. I randomly got a pop-up offering this when hitting "reply" on a youtube comment out of frustrationby accident.

The difference is apparently that you can just keep your normal Youtube username (or change it if you like), and don't have to provide a real name. Exactly what I was trying to do, so horray for that.

After some logging out and in and out and in again everything worked again.
(Youtube briefly got confused because both my useless Google+ profile and my entirely separate Google+ Youtube-page both run under the same email adress. So obviously I should never have created that Google+ Profile in the first place.)
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  • Reading: synthesized audio books of MLP:FiM fanfics
  • Watching: explosions
  • Playing: Saints Row 3rd on my repaired Xbox360
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Gosh, who'd have thought, I'm on time for a holiday! :lol:


I wish you all a very merry Michael Bay-mas, may you be blessed with many colorful explosions in the sky this fine night. :nod:

...Good luck sleeping with all 'em 'splosions, though. ^^;
  • Listening to: explosions
  • Reading: synthesized audio books of MLP:FiM fanfics
  • Watching: explosions
  • Playing: Saints Row 3rd on my repaired Xbox360
  • Eating: Food.
  • Drinking: Hint: Applejack would be proud! :D

Merry christm... err.

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 30, 2013, 1:30 AM

Dangit, I'm late again

Is it too early to wish y'all a happy new year so I already did that and won't be late for that too?

Howdy everyone,

hope you all had an awesome/great/nice/not-too-terrible christmas?

I sure did! =P

Anyway, anypony per chance remember this two year-old journal-post about me having writen an MLP-fanfic? Then I asked for proof-readers / editors, but then you never heard of it again?

Yeah... I figured I'd never get around to really revising that anyway, so I suppose I might as well publish the (sort-of) finished product to deviantArt. :)

It's not exactly up to my current standards, but it should still be hilarious (even if unintentionally so in some parts). ^^;

Within the next couple days, you can look forward to both "Spike and the Curse of the Mouse Cursor", as well as chapter 8 of "Daring Do and the Secret of the Fourth Wall"!

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Quick grammar question

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 14, 2013, 11:02 AM

Anyone here good with English comma-rules?

Since I want to - eventually - attempt to submit "Daring Do and the secret of the Fourth Wall" to EQD, I need some quick grammar advise. More specificaly, advice on comma use when it comes to character-dialogue.

1) “I'm Rainbow Dash, the fastest young flyer in Equestria”, she grinned.
2) “Urk, Dash, what's gotten into you?” she face-hoof'd inside her mind, “you're doing worse than Berry Punch!”
3) “Heh”, she thought, “kinda clever, actually.”
4) “Although”, Daring mused, raising a hoof to her chin, “I guess that makes sense.”

1) “I'm Rainbow Dash, the fastest young flyer in Equestria”, she grinned.
Is "grinned" a so-called "speaking-verb"? And if not, does that mean that I have to butcher the part after the dialog into short kindergarden-sentences like
“I'm Rainbow Dash, the fastest young flyer in Equestria.” She grinned.
The pegasus flies. Rainbow is fast. The trees are green. - _-;
Thanks in advance for any help on this one. :nod:
Not being a native English speaker myself, this stuff usually just flies over my head. ^^;

Oh, one more thing - I don't know if it's relevant for these rules, but since EQD seems to mainly go by American English rules, please also post if you are British / American / Other when replying. ;)

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Equestria Daily feature = 20k views in 20 hours

Journal Entry: Tue May 21, 2013, 2:07 AM

This is already a bit of old news, but some of my work was "recently" (that is to say, on June 2nd) featured on THE go-to "My little Pony" site on the entire internet, Equestria Daily.…

MLP Gameloft: The Difference between Day and Night by UltraTheHedgetoaster

More specificly, my most recent comic suddenly gained a lot more attention than I'd have anticipated, which is to say, that 7000 people barged in in just the first two hours of the EQD-post, and within less than 24 hours the comic viewcount number went over 20.000.  As of right now, it's about roughly 28.000 views.
That's more popular than "Sonic Billiard Adventure" on deviantArt, albeit not quite as popular yet as "Zelda: The Twilight Zone".

Uh... Woah. Didn't see that coming. :O

No, seriously, I did not see this coming. Which is funny, since I did send them the occasional mail with a new comic every few months or so, and then nothing happened.
(They obviously are some very busy ponies, I can totally get behind that! ^_^)

...and when I don't do anything I am suddenly featured. What are the odds?
:iconpinkiepiedplz: serious, I'm kinda flabbergasted as to how this happened. :O_o:

Did somepony else suggest it, or did somepony from the staff randomly stumble into it on deviantArt by complete coincidence?

Equestria Daily features, how do they work? :O
...I think it might be magnets. Yeah, definitelly magnets. :P


As it stands, the old journal is still a recent matter, as I still don't have anypony to discuss my fanfictions with. The paradox apparently is that the people who are interested in the stories don't want to get spoilers, and those who aren't ... well, they aren't interested. ^^;


Looking for somepony to discuss "Daring Do and the secret of the Fourth Wall" and "Pinkieviduality"

Daring Do and the secret of the 4th Wall, coverart by UltraTheHedgetoaster

Well, I'll be quick:

I want to ... well, "privately" discuss stuff that I haven't published yet. Bounce off ideas with other people. Maybe even on Skype, I dunno. :shrug:

And... the problem is, I have literally nopony to talk to when it comes to either the "pitfalls" of writing these stories, or "spoilery" details for future chapters of "Daring Do and the secret of the Fourth Wall", or the as-of-yet unreleased "Pinkieviduality" which is almost 2 hours text-to-speech already. I just figured - ah, what the hay. Just ask if there's somepony out there interested in talking about either:

a) spoilery stuff in "Pinkieviduality" (You'll get a two page preview to start with)
b) spoilery stuff in "Daring Do and the secret of the Fourth Wall"
c) both

Can't exactly say when I'll get around to get in contact, things are pretty random right now - but it'd be good to know who to pm / skype to. :)


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Work-in-progress - ''Pinkieviduality''

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 21, 2013, 2:05 AM


So... Wanna know what else I'm working on in the writing deparment b'sides "Daring Do and the Secret of the Fourth Wall"?


"Pinkieviduality" is the story of how one of Pinkie's clones randomly wandered off, leaving Ponyville behind altogether.
While the other pink ponies were locked in a fierce staring competition with a drying wall of paint, she was merrily bouncing down a dirt-road, eventually coming across a traveling circus.

The circus seemed like fun - and thus, after making a rather... "unique" first impression, "Pinkie Pie" joined the circus.

'tis a tale of making mistakes, but learning from them;
a tale of comical misunderstandings stemming from a complete lack of life-experience and knowledge of social norms;
a tale of making friends, and growing as a character ... and The First Baked Good Mirror-Pinkie Ever Ate In Her Entire Life (!)


A few weeks later, she returns to Ponyville.

It soon occurs to our Ponyvillian heroines that there may have been ... a lapse in judgment.
:iconpinkiedoesnotwantplz::iconapplejackishighplz::icondashiehmmplz::iconrarityhoofinmouthplz::iconfluttershycanthasplz::iconohmycelplz:   :iconpinkiepiesad:

Can the dark, potentially grimdark conclusion of "Too Many Pinkie Pies" be led towards a happy ending for everypony, and everypinkie involved?


I'm about ~13+ pages in (1+ hour of text-to-speech), and I figured instead of being all secretive, I'm gonna throw the general outline "out there" and see if I can bounce of my ideas off of y'all. :)
Fair warning, though, it's still gonna take until I can get around to releasing any chapters - mostly, cause I've been jumping back and forth, writing things out of order.
(A bit tricky writing the OC side-characters. Need to "jump right in" to get a feel first, before going back to their introduction.)

In a way, this character is "Pinkie Pie"... and at the same time, she is not. This story has quite the potential for both heartwarming and heartwrenching moments!

:iconpinkieisexcitedplz: "C... Cupcakes? For me?? I've never eaten those before! Do they taste fun?"
:iconpinkiegaspplz: "Wait... so you're saying that having fun is fun, but if I don't mind other ponies I might ruin *their* fun?! GASP! That wouldn't be fun at all!"
:icondepressedpinkie2plz: "I... I didn't mean to make a mess... I ... *sniff* I just wanted to have fun..."

What kind of wacky antics and other comical misunderstandings could Mirror Pinkie be up to?
What other experiences should she make? What lessons should she learn?

I'm looking foreward to hearing your ideas! :lol:

PS: What do you think of the title "Pinkieviduality"? It's obvious what it is referring to, right?

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Merry (late) new X-year / upcoming stuff

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 8, 2013, 6:43 AM

Happy Easter 2011 y'all! :D

...wait, it's not easter anymore? Wait, it's not 2011 anymore?

Ah crud, guess I'm late as usual! :iconcheerlieawesomeplz:

Upcoming stuffs

Two big things coming up - firstly, a somewhat lenghty-time-takingly drawn MLP comic, although it's a bit on the dark...ish side, so not exactly in holiday spirit. :hmm:
Comic's sorta about an ethical concern being addressed.

And second, but by for not least ... Daring Do and the secret of the Fourth Wall, chapter five! YAAAY! :iconrdfuckyeaplz:
...the latter one should be ready within the week. Probably sooner than later. :D

Just needed to put on the finishing touches on the audio-book-version, this time with elaborate background music. :iconrainbowdashnodplz:

Improved drawing style

MLP - A Changeling in the Wonderbolts by UltraTheHedgetoaster

This picture marks a significant improvement of my drawing style. I only got into drawing in general while doodling in Flash with a mouse in early 2006. It was only in late 2008/early 2009 that I moved on from drawing everything directly in flash with a mouse using the pencil tool to drawing everything directly in flash with a tablet using the pencil tool.
And only in late 2012 did I finally manage to move on from that to "draw things with pen and paper, THEN scan them and THEN trace that with a table in flash using the INK-tool instead of the pen-tool".
Et vóìlâ, I suddenly can draw faster and much better! :lol: SUCCESS! :D

User name change...?

Well, since dA allows username changes (in 6 months intervals), I was thinking of changing good ol' "Ultra-the-Hedgehog" to "Ultra-the-Hedgetoaster", which makes much more sense!
...only problem is, dA only allows 20 characters per username, falling just 2 short of my prefered alias.

Then again, that's with the two "-" in it, so I could always just remove those... but then it looks like this:

Now, I know that my strife for "perfection" occasionally clouds my judgement, but... that looks a bit... well, cramped. :hmm:

Compare that with this, which looks much less "cramped" due to the "-" giving a lil' extra space between the words:

And the ideal (but sadly impossible) username:

Now, there's also the option of this, although I'd prefer the "the" to stay in there for the sake of having the same username on different websites, and not to muddle the otherwise obvious Sonic-reference:

Since I myself am obviously way overthinking it, I was wondering ... what do you think?

...Applebloom voice actress?

Uh... this is a long shot, but anypony remember this ultra-the-hedgehog.deviantart.… ? :?

...yeah, I stumbled into the near-finished pseudo-animated comic again. I mean, it's nothing big, its just a comic with one animated 10 second scene inbetween.
But it would work much better with music and soundeffects, and, well, timing. And to have pannels only show up for a limited time kinda requires the text to be read out loud, I guess.

So... I still need an Applebloom voiceactress. Or just a young female voice with the proper accent, ah guess. :shrug:
Just don't send me a speed-up recording, that's more like the chipmunks, not Applebloom. ^^; Sorry! ^^; ^^;

What happened to project <insert title here>?

:bulletred: "Big-huge changeling-related comic" - more likely to be released in bits and pieces rather than an ongoing story. See also ultra-the-hedgehog.deviantart.… and ultra-the-hedgehog.deviantart.…
...though I kinda don't like the ending I had originally planed anymore, it's become somewhat clichéd in the meantime. (In my defense, I originally began working on that before it was a cliché... yeah, I'm so slow sometimes that entire clichés can form before I finish my stuff. ^^; )

:bulletred: "That one fanfic you announced in January/February 2012" - uhhm, yeaaah. Funny story with that. You see, even though it's practically finished, I find myself in a bit of a connundrum here. I don't entirely like it.
Don't get me wrong, I still like it, but I don't entirely like it. It's an entertaining read, it's a good read I guess - but it doesn't hold up to my own quality standarts anymore, which have risen considerably while writing "Daring Do and the secret of the Fourth Wall".

Plus, it was written around the time of the hearths warming eve episode in season 2, and right after that, A LOT of character development happened - none of which is taken into account in that story. Plus, there's an episode in season 3 that ripps appart my ending. Err. :hmm:

So... kinda indecisive what to do here. :shrug:

:bulletred: "Other projects I forgot about right now and will probably remember only after posting this journal" - ...when it's done. :P

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HELP! Can't buy digital copy of MLP:FIM comic!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 1, 2012, 12:32 PM

Okay, so I've run into this problem.

I want to buy the first issue of the official MLP:FiM comic…… - the one made by :iconandypriceart: and :iconkatiecandraw:

- in fact, I want to EVERY. NEW. ISSUE.
...well, when the next ones come out, anyway.

They're 4$, that's cheap.

They're sold in the US. I live in Germany. Ordering comics overseas isn't cheap.

They're being sold as digital downloads, that's great!
Now, here's the two online stores where you can download/view them that I know of:

:bulletred: comixology - allows to view it on a PC, but doesn't accept paypal
:bulletred: iTunes - accepts Paypal, but doesn't allow to view it on a PC

I don't have a credit card, neither do I have any i- phone/pad/Mac or other iOS devices.

WHAT THE BUUUUUUUUUUU- :iconapplejackrageplz:

:bulletred: So... anypony knows any other places that accept paypal and allow me to view the comic on a computer?
:bulletred: Or some method to rip data from an iTunes download to view it on my PC?
:bulletred: Or are iPads so cheap nowadays that I can just buy a throw-away iPad to read the comic (I honestly don't have even the slightest interest in an iOS Smartphone/Tablet. I already wrote a complex app for an Android-smartphone at university, so if I'd buy anything of the sort, THAT'D be me choice.) short: HELP! :iconapplejackscaredplz: :crazy:

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Need advise on 'Daring Do and the 4th wall' story

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 24, 2012, 12:46 PM

Daring Do and the secret of the 4th Wall, coverart by UltraTheHedgetoaster

...YES, I'm still working on this. Currently working on chapters five and seven. :P

I'm not going to make generic promises, but judging by previous projects, I suppose I've surpassed the point of "no return" - meaning that the chances I'm going to actually finish what I started are higher than those of me abandoning the project. :lol:

Plus, my enthusiasm for the project is still going strong. Barely a day passes by without me at least thinking of this fanfiction. Gotta love the concept of Rainbow Dash unraveling the "secrets of the Fourth Wall" (aka how "Pinkie being Pinkie" actually works) - while stuck inside a Daring Do novel. :evillaugh:

Considering I started writing seven months ago, that's kinda good. (Though of course I barely ever get the chance to actually write anything these days. -_-)

I actually need some advise. On several things. Trouble is, it involves spoilers for stuff that hasn't happened yet, and requires people to read some scenes from unreleased chapters.

So, I was wondering if anypony of you is okay with discussing "spoiler-y" stuff over deviantNotes with me, read some scenes from unreleased chapters and tell me if how the characters behave makes sense... stuff like that.

While it would of course be preferable if you already read the story so far,
you don't actually need to have read the story.

For understanding the scenes, I'd provide background info for context.

Was going to make a post on, seeing how the majority of people following the story are over there (~240), but I kinda feel like I should have something to show for myself to proof I'm actually doing something. ^^;

Though ironically I can't get chapter 5 done without outside input, so I was gonna wait until I got one of the two unfinished pieces of "fanart" for my fanfic done... which might take a while. Err. ^^;

...I also have an idea for a comic depicting a scene from ... gah, I dunno, chapter 12? Lol I dunno. ^^; Very far ahead from this point in the story anyway ... ... well, that would be a spoiler for obvious reasons. So ... Meh. :hmm:

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My little (big/medium-sized) Projects

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 30, 2012, 6:54 AM


Okay, I haven't posted in a while;

:bulletyellow: Well... I realize I haven't given much of a "how's life" update in... over a year now.

Err... let's just say, I don't want to start a lengthy rant about the entire situation I'm in, and leave it at that. :crazy:
I just can't seem to find a way to condense it into a short explanation without going off a tangent, and I don't feel entirely comfortable putting this kind of stuff up on the internet for potentially unintended eyes to see. :crazy:
The gist of it is that there's only 2 out of 7 days in the week where I can do anything productive, really, sometimes less than that. So if progress on my projects is slow ... that's why. :no:

Recent projects

Thus, unward to a happier subject!

For the most part, I'm working on two larger projects; As the title of this journal suggests - No, it's NOT "Little Big Planet"-related, I don't have even a PS3 and I'm not intending to buy one :roll: - they're both "My little Pony" related.

:bulletblue: One of them is an especially lengthy comic I've been working on since about a week or two after season 2 ended;
...aaaaand it only now occurs to me that it would probably have made more sense to plan ahead releasing the comic in several parts, but I kinda started somewhere in the middle and am only now fleshing out the beginning, so err. ^^;

:bulletblue: The other one you should actually already know about - as the first three chapters are already available in my gallery. =P
That's right, I consider this fanfic one of my "bigger" projects, or at least with the potential to become one.
Now, it obviously wouldn't make much sense at this point to make a comparison to my already-finished mammoth-projects such as "Sonic Billiard Adventure" or "The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Zone" with the better part of an entire year for production time each. :roll:

After all, it's only been 3.5 months since I started working on it. And that's the beauty of it! :lol: With my flash and hacking movies projects, I couldn't exactly just split them somewhere in the middle - not until I had actually finished the entire thing first!


Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about quantity here. While I certainly don't know how many chapters it will take to finish what I have in mind, it is a matter of how much effort I put into it, and the quality of the concept of the story itself.

:bulletblue::bulletblue: It allows me my own twist on the almost cliché trope of "fan of 'My little Pony' ends up in Equestria". Here, Rainbow Dash finds herself in the fictional world of the "Daring Do"-book series. Just let the irony of Rainbow Dash telling Daring Do that she "can't be real" sink in for a sec. :P
:bulletblue::bulletblue: Also, I am taking my shot at explaining Pinkie Pie, from what might very well be a rather unique angle - Rainbow Dash's own learning experience in breaking the fourth wall.
:bulletblue::bulletblue: Plus, all this is wrapped up neatly in an adventure story involving a lost temple and a mysterious artifact. And I assure you, it's gonna be a lot less generic than it sounds on first glance. ;)
:bulletblue::bulletblue: And for those of you that are into MLP:FiM, but aren't especially fond of 'reading' written fanwork, fret not, for I am providing text-to-speech generated audio books for each chapter. Just download that on your mp3 player or Iphone or whatever. :P
Runtime for chapter 1 is 15 minutes, and next time you have to some boring grocery shopping, you can give it a shot while simultanously doing your chores. ;) Multitasking, horray! :w00t:

Aaaarg, I wish I could tell you about some of the stuff I've in mind, but alas, that'd be spoilers.

Right now, I'm somewhere into chapter 5  (writing ahead pays off in the long run), and currently filling in a blank spot in chapter 4, which will likely be finished 'soon'. :iconajawkwardsmileplz: :iconajliarplz:


Daring Do and the secret of the 4th Wall, coverart by UltraTheHedgetoaster :iconplusplz: this soundtrack :iconequalsplz: Rainbow Dash - BADGE by zobe
...because it just fills my head with all kinds of ideas for where I can go with this story, and I love it! :lol: :iconpinkieismindfckedplz:

Movies and games

:bulletblack: In movies, I bought Doctor Who season 5 and 6 off eBay a few months back, but forgot to mention it here.
I'm a huuuge fan of the Doctor ... well, the 2005+ series, anyway. Never been much of a fan of "old" TV shows or movies, a lot of them are too slow-paced for my hyperactive late 20th/early 21st-century brain.
Cheers to Roger and Euan on this one, I'd never even have know about the show in the first place if Euan hadn't requested Roger to make a couple parodies on the subject. :icontruestoryplz:

Alas, we don't get the show on German TV anymore. The channel that bought the rights to broadcast it is one of the *big* TV-channels here in Germany (or part of a network of the big channels anyway)... and they shoved it into a crappy timeslot, NEVER advertised it (I only saw it by pure chance, really), threw in double-feature episodes with no forewarning and just switched to re-runs of "Desperate Housewifes" for a few weeks at one point... and then outright canceled it.
Honestly, for shame. :no: CURSE YOU, "PRO 7"! :shakefish:

I mean, WHAT THE HELL. It's like... British Star Trek/Star Wars. It's THAT big. And they cancel it. AAARGGHHHHH. :doh:
So anyway, watched it all on DVD in like a week or two. Gee, now I need to wait for season 7 to finish and the DVD to come out. :(

:bulletblack: Also watched "Scott Pilgrim vs the world" and "PRESS START Adventures 1", now that I think of it. Also, Inception. :iconcobbseesplz:

:bulletred: In gaming, I finished "Back to the Future: The game" - only 'recently' released for Wii, for about 20€ - a 'while' back. And clumsy controls and lagging cutscenes aside, oh boy, that was hilarious! :D
We don't need to wait for a never-coming "Back to the future IV", we've got this game instead, continuing the plot of the movie-series. (Yes, the Delorean is back, they give a wacky timy-whimy explanation for how that's plausible in-game)
Also, the ending is completely over-the-top. :XD:

:bulletred: Furthermore, I bought Minecraft for 360 the day it came out a couple weeks back, and played it to death.
Now My Xbox is kinda broken... although I can still play Minecraft, it's only the disc drive, and the "overheating"-crash only kicks in after 40 minutes or so! ^^;
(Considering I already 'played it to death', I pretty much lost interest already, and haven't played it in 2 weeks. Err.)

...yeaaah, overheating consoles do funny things. I'll see if I can fix that by following some interesting instructions I got on the Microsoft service hotline.
Turns out that, if your console overheats, it crashes which messes with the system cache and THAT can be the reason that Xbox can't recognize discs anymore, INSTEAD of the actual disc drive really being broken.

In hindsight, it's so obvious - it is a Microsoft product afterall. ^^;

Ah well, off to try fixing it, and if that fails either send it to repairs or just buy a new one with a -GASP!- 250GB harddrive. :iconohnoseplz::iconlegaspplz:

New computer

:bulletred: Annnd the consol crashing with an "overheat"-signal could also mean that the *power-adapter* is overheating.... yeah, it's pretty dusty in here.
Which has also lead to me purchasing a brand new "Windows 7" 3Ghz-Quadcore Raedeon...something-or-other computer. I've instantly plugged it into my new TV (yeargh, lots of old stuff breaking in the last few months) instead of my old monitor, and can now browse the web on the sofa... properly, that is, as opposed to what Wii and 3DS provide.
But nah, the point of that is that I'm still trying to get all the programs to run properly on Windows 7 before I can ditch the old computer (on which I am still typing this) that is slowly going the way of my old Laptop all those years ago, and has developed it's number of odd hardware quirks...

After repeated crashes due to the graphics card overheating (it's pretty much on 92°C by default with no videos running), I took the time to clean the inside of the computer with a can of compressed air and lots, lots of cotton swabs. Geez! I had to wear a protective mask to prevent inhaling 10% of the computer's interior. :O_o:
Of course, after that, while still occasionally crashing due to graphics card overheating (and being unable to restart for a whole hour), NOW, sometimes it's too COLD for the PC to boot up. :iconfacepalmplz:

Like, seriously, I need an hot air blow drier to get it working. I'm not joking. When I ran into the problem the first time I tried to get it working for 3 hours and it wouldn't budge. Blow hot air on it for a minute, and BAM, it works again. ^^;

In closing

Uhmmm... oh my god, look behind you, a distraction! :iconpinkiegaspplz:

MLP: Friendship is Magic Stamp by ecokitty MLP: Derpy Hooves stamp by ColorSplashArts Dr. Whooves Stamp by jewlecho Rainbow Dash Stamp 2 by Kevfin
This is a Stamp? by Candy-Swirl

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Vote for me on! ...please?

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 14, 2012, 12:08 PM

Decided to put up the first chapter of my recently released fanfic "Daring Do and the secret of the Fourth Wall" on a site dedicated to "My little Pony"-fanficion.
(no, "FiM"-fiction isn't a typo.)

So if anypony of you liked the story, it'd be - to quote Fluttershy - "uhm, nice", if you could vote for me:… :iconfluttershyniceplz:
(YES! My devious scheme to exploit my great and powerfull popularity on this site surely will lead to my success climbing the 'featured'-section! MWAHAHHAHAaaahaha ha haha haha, heh heh, err. You're still reading this? Err. Oops. ^^;)

Pweeease? :iconpinkiepiesad:

- - -

Btw, the aforementioned first chapter is also available as an "audio book". (see author's comment in ultra-the-hedgehog.deviantart.… )
Chapter 1 is ~15 min, so if you don't have time to spare for merely focussing on reading, multitask using the magic of "text-to-speech"-software! :lol:

That's how I read fanfiction - while simultanously drawing comics, playing videogames, or going grocery shopping. It's efficient. :P

- - -

On a side-note, no, this isn't the 17-page / 1 hour long MLP-fanfic I announced a couple months back. I still have to get myself over with to finish editing my third draft... ^^;
What can I say? I simply am a perfectionist. :bucktooth: It's a gift, and a curse. :roll: ^^;

MLP: Friendship is Magic Stamp by ecokitty MLP: Derpy Hooves stamp by ColorSplashArts Dr. Whooves Stamp by jewlecho Rainbow Dash Stamp 2 by Kevfin
This is a Stamp? by Candy-Swirl

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Oh my god I changed my avatar

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 25, 2012, 5:16 AM

There are three fundamental constants in the universe.

1. The cake is a lie. And this statement is false.
2. 42 is the answer to THE question.
3. Ultra-the-Hedgehog will never change his avatar.

:iconpinkiepienoesplz: "OMC, u guys, Ultra just changed his avatar!"

...the reason why I never changed it before (except once, but only for a day, and once before that to replace the image I still have on my youtube-account with the HedgeToaster I've had for 5 years or so now) was because I could never manage to draw a recognizable HedgeToaster-thingy in 50x50 pixel. :shrug:

So ... all this time, whenever I tried coming up with a new avatar, I went overboard trying to make a decent new toaster-image that'd still be recognizable.

Since that never worked, I never got around to change it.

Until this day.

From this day forth, I shall just put random stuff from my gallery for my avatar! :evillaugh:

EDIT: Does anypony... err, anyone know a decent program to scale-down images to 50x50 without them getting unrecognizable? :?

Paint and Flash don't count.

MLP: Friendship is Magic Stamp by ecokitty MLP: Derpy Hooves stamp by ColorSplashArts Dr. Whooves Stamp by jewlecho Rainbow Dash Stamp 2 by Kevfin
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I'm writing an MLP-fanfic, yay! :P

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 21, 2012, 6:08 AM

I dunno, I just felt like announcing it in advance. :shrug:

Hehe, never wrote a fanfiction before (the crappy stuff I chalked down on physical memory units 15 years ago doesn't count)... :P

But I'm sure it's gonna be a fun read. ;)
...if you're a brony, anyhoof, I guess :iconderpyshrugplz:

It's just a one-shot, nothing too lenghty... only about 1 hour when using text-to-speech-software, gonna be 1.5 hours tops . :shrug:
(You can probably read it twice as fast with your bare eyes, but I've found it a quite more efficient way of assimilating longer reading materials, allowing for easy multitasking, like, say, draw stuff, play a videogame with sound turned off, go for a walk, ride the bus to work, go shopping...)

I might ask for pre-readers... or maybe I'll just post the fic and then ask ppl to correct my spelling/grammar mistakes. :shrug:
(Me are Germany, after all :P)

(...and don't worry, "Melange", it has nothing to do with what your fic is gonna be about ;))

MLP: Friendship is Magic Stamp by ecokitty MLP: Derpy Hooves stamp by ColorSplashArts Dr. Whooves Stamp by jewlecho Rainbow Dash Stamp 2 by Kevfin
This is a Stamp? by Candy-Swirl
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Voiceactors wanted: Applebloom,Sylar,Hiro Nakamura

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 4, 2011, 11:17 AM
Eh, anybody know where I can find voiceactors for Applebloom, :iconapplebloomplz:, Sylar :iconsylarplz: and Hiro Nakamura :iconhiroplz: from the TV shows "My little Pony" and "Heroes"? :?

I may eventually require a few lines for some minor projects of mine, though I might manage to finish it without voices anyway...  hard to tell at this point, yet. :shrug: Just checking in advance if I can find anyone. :shrug:

It's just I don't have a clue where to start looking for specific voices outside my regular fandoms. ^^;

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illness, no time for dA + awesome game idea

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 6, 2011, 6:25 AM
hi ya'll

just wanted to give out an update on why I haven't been very responsive lately -

I've been sick for the better half of last month (and as of recently, am yet again), and most of the rest of my time goes to work. So I haven't actually had much time for dA recently, except the occasional "finish up a drawing I made months ago, then upload it and go away again".

Your comments, journals and deviations are still steadily piling up in my inbox, so I'll get around to them, ... eventually. :roll: ^^;

so... that's one mystery solved for ya.


and now for something entirely different, because ...  I feel like it :P

while going through older stuff again, I bumped into an old project of mine I haven't gotten around to touch in ... a while, but am still ambitious enough to not give it up altogether.
It's actually a videogame I was working on. And not a flash-game either, but one written in C# with Microsoft's XNA game-development library.

Well, I was planning to keep that project in total secrecy (it's that awesome of an idea :evillaugh:), buuuut... my plans have changed.

Or rather, I don't really have a plan at the moment, and I kinda guess I can dump the old plan.
I've decided to slightly lift the curtain of secrecy behind the project.
Don't get me wrong, I won't get around to working on this any time soon, and even if so you probably wouldn't see the finished result any time before a or two year later or something, considering the amount of time my last big projects took. :shrug:

Buuut I just randomly feel like talking about it now. =P
possibly because I can't really do much else right now. :shrug:

It's supposed to become a jump'n'run-ish game, with a twist ... in space.

And by "space", I don't mean the vast vacuum that exists beyond the boundaries of our planet's atmosphere, but the very fabric of space itself.

Inspired by "recent" games bending the laws of the universe (Portal, Braid),
here you'd be able to bend space - by, for one, "picking up" a point in space, and starting to drag it from it's origin... well, lemme show you some totally unimpressive screenshots.……………

The game's protagonist would remain unaffected of said manipulation of space, thus - for instance - being able to leap across otherwise insurmountable gaps.
And for different levels, different ways of manipulating space would be possible.

Part of the game's engine is there, albeit with bugs yet to fix - but obviously there's quite the amount of work left to do. :P

Well, you know what they say -

"If Muhammad won't go to the mountain, Muhammad must bend space to make the mountain come to him."

Or something like that. :bucktooth:

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BUG: solved

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 2, 2011, 3:37 AM
hey, anyone got the same problem?

Stuff still shows up in the inbox, but right now, every single deviation I encounter has
Comments: 0
Favourites: 0
Views: 0 (0 today)
Downloads: 0 (0 today)

...and no comments are displayed, even when posting a new one. :shrug:

Kinda annoying, hope they get that fixed soon.

EDIT: Yay, they fixed it, and with no downtime too! :lol:

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deviant webcam updates

Fri Jun 24, 2011, 1:02 PM
Here I'm going to post whenever I choose a new, comical "webcam" profile picture!

Links  to new "webcam" images with description will be appended at the end of the journal.


Yay, cheap way to fish for comments on my profile pictures! ^^;

"I wont be a Luigi anymore!"…
"battle of ultimate destiny"…
"youtube knows all"…
Emo Andross…
I mean, come on, that's the best way a villain could take on his enemies, ever.

"About using pen and paper..."…
Well, fun idea sporning from the fact that I started drawing on the Computer with a mouse, and now am slowly discovering to draw with pen and paper - which I suppose is the exact opposite direction that 99.942% of you have gone through.
The Legend of Zelda in the 22nd century…
I've always wondered what Zelda would look like if it was set in the distant future...
After all, inbetween the games storylines, severeal hundred years pass!
After all, several people wanted to know from me if they can press the pie button. Yeah, yeah, okay okay, you can. :roll:

This was done with an online-"make your own keyboard"-thingy (though it's only one button)…

Well wow, I just noticed how I never put my first webcam I had in here.
So now I set this one up back to what it was once ago, in the beginning. Based on "Zelda vs Starfox"..... erm.
To understand this, watch this:… (or on youtube… if you prefer that)
For the backstory of this video, as well as a parody of it made by myself, go here: ultra-the-hedgehog.deviantart.…

okay that title is lame ^^; bleh, I rushed that  for turning it into a webcam as well as a respective desktop ultra-the-hedgehog.deviantart.… right after the submission of ultra-the-hedgehog.deviantart.… ...
I dunno, I guess I was thinking of doing a "combo" ^^;

232 GIGA BYTE?!!…
I gots myslef an external harddrive! :w00t:
Now I'll never run into storage issues again, EVER
(come back in 3 years and ask me again)
I can backup my Laptop's entire harddrive on this thing not once, not twice, but THREE times :XD:
So more space for me then I'll ever need if I keep up my current behaviour of using the computer to make movies and flashanimation and other stuff like that instead of playing videogames on it :P


THE LEGEND OF MATRIX… Larger image:…
This is a first, this "webcam" was actually not made by me, but send to me by :iconbraziliannut: ...uh... a long time ago ^^;
So instead of responding to the email, I forgot to show how much I liked it. ^^##
I only recently remembered that, so to make up for it, since I didn't find it in his gallery/scraps to fav, I'm going to showcase it as a webcam :)

WereSonic's Tea Party…
Oh, just a scene from Sega's "Night of the Werehog" movie that baffled me... :XD:
That movie is pretty cool :D
They should make more of those :nod:

Sonic Unleashed: Do you like what you see?…
:giggle: sorry, I couldn't resist. This animation is actually played when not having touched the controller for a while. 'tis supposed to mean "Sonic is bored".
Well, here it kinda looks like it has a ... different meaning ^^;

btw, the screenshot isn't HD-quality, but merely the quality of my recording device. The actual game obviously looks better then.
Though the 'graphics' were mostly just mentioned to add up to the joke.

"generic children anime" ...about explosives…

Yeah. Uh, well, you know how it goes, the "power of the  is with me!" "I will show you the true power of the ", "He is a good -player, his heart must be strong", "Believe in yourself!", "I must become the greatest -player of all time"  ;)

well, uh, it's not always that bad, but it's good for a laugh when the product advertised are... bombs.

Well, specifically, it's an anime about Bomberman which I'm not sure about if it was ever dubbed in english. XD

...just google 'bomberman jetters' + 'youtube' ;)

All G-man wants is...…

Just some random face expression fun. :iconimhappyplz:
(Hm, one technically could go and remake those dA-plz-smilies with the face poser in Gmod... hmmmm)


So the psychic hedgehog has come from the future to ... participate in a fair sports competition?…

From the recent trailer of "Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter games":…

Also, did you notice how Silver and Yoshi are doing a high-five?
Now, with Shadow being placed right next to Luigi in the first Olympic's game… - Does this mean that Silver is now officially the "Yoshi" of the Sonic universe? :O_o:

I'm not quite sure what that means, but it's a somewhat funny thought. :XD:


Silver is the Yoshi of the Sonic-universe…
'nuff said. :P


"What happens to the hedgehog?!" - "I'll drive him!"…
(As seen in… )

Also, trying out the limited offer free use of journal skins; got this one from here:…


*Gasp!* A RECOLOR! :noes:…

Actually, the image is from… on an article about a blue stork that had people wondering for a while, untill it turned out he simply had fallen into a bucket filled with blue color.
The blue fox' more likely just a photoshop effect.
Speaking of foxes, we have one roaming around our neighborhood! ^^
Seems he/she lives in the small "takes 20-minutes to cross" forrest we have nearby.
Had a surprise run-in with the fox today, seems this fella ain't no scared of humans! I came out of an alley of sorts, and only noticed the fox as I was passing about a meter away! Not scared at all, just kept standing there. :aww:



Includes a shot of the Smart Phone I was using for my Diploma Thesis. Sadly, I had to return it. :(
Ah well, 400 - 500 € was too much of a price tag anyway for a phone that you can't use as an actual phone :XD:
But on the other hand, you get all the other neat features, and don't have to pay any monthly fees. :lol:

(In short: It's a development phone. You can install your own self-made applications on this thing. It comes with no contract, that's why it's so expensive.)


Nintendo on e3, 2011 -…

Based on the famous "Old Spice" commercial… , the announcement of Nintendo's new console "Wii U"… and the "Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games" Trailer… ;)

*wasn't sure if I had marked the journal as "updated" when I added the latest webcam picture. sorry if I let this pop up in your inbox twice. :shrug:

Max has met his match -…

This is actually a still from a clip of the game "Poker Night at the Inventory", where four characters from different franchises sit together to play a game of poker. Including Max from "Sam & Max".
I don't have the game myself, I just saw the clip of "Penny Arcade"-Tycho freaking the hell out of Max
on Youtube…
Mild warning: Disturbing mental image ahead.

Since I've recently completed Sam & Max: Season 2 and just bought Season 1 as well, seeing this character with an expression like that is ... completelly unexpected and priceless. :XD:

My little pony -…

...yupp, I'm watching the show now. :P
Well! Had to see what all the fuzz was about!

And turns out that, even though the show rather frequently dives off into cliché "girly stuff"/"children's TV show", it's actually pretty enjoyable nevertheless!
This show does have a rather rich universe in the sense that it allows for a ton of of jokes referencing the material shown in the show. I can easily see why there's so many memes with this show!…

[MLP] They told me I could become anything  wanted...…
...then why restrain yourself? ;)
Another "My little Pony"-related webcam. :nod:

Just to shed some light on things if you don't watch "My little Pony";
Discord is basically Q from Star Trek, except in a cartoon world. He's actually played by the same voice actor, and has his good share of fun toying around with the entire world for the first 2 episodes of season 2, turning everything upside-down, and backwards-up. :lol:…


[MLP] The first Matrix…

... it's kinda sad if you think about it. :(
But hey! If men and machines start working together after the events of "Matrix: Revolutions", perhaps they can rebuild that "first matrix". :)

[MLP] Off by one leg's length…

...based on an episode in season 1, and a more recent one staring "the incredible Pinkie Pie, defier of all physics-shmysics and logic-smoshic" ;)

[MLP] 800 wingpower required…

When you think about it, her reaction didn't make sense. :P
After all, the result was expected to happen.

[MLP] How ponies deal with...…

This just proves once again how awesome ponies are... and what's really the most dangerous thing their world has to offer.

Warning, contains spoiler for season 2 finale (well, if you've managed to avoid seeing all that many screencaps of the finale up till now, anyway)

[MLP] Inception of the Fourth Wall…

Just something I noticed when I reflected about the "My little Pony"-fanfiction I was writing. :P
The idea for the fic itself sporned from this image: ultra-the-hedgehog.deviantart.…

[MLP] It's magic...…

Explanation for non-bronies:  
In Equestria, magic is a science in and of itself - with its own set of laws and rules. Telling somepony who's studied the magical sciences her whole life that something works simply because "it's magic" is like saying "my car can exceed lightspeed because of computers". :roll:

[MLP] For Bloomberg's sake [LINK]

...seriously. Look - These two scenes are just 30 seconds apart from each other:…… Why is there a complete lack of reaction to that scene?

MLP - game notifications [LINK]

So I was playing "My little Pony" for my brand new Android HTC Desire X the other day and ...
What. :icontwilightsparkleplz:
What, stop laughing! :icondashwhateverplz:
That phone cost me over 200 bucks, and I'm satisfied with it, now stop laughing! :icondashangryplz:
Btw, anypony care to add me to their gift... err, I mean, "friend"-list so I... err, we can gain more "hearts"? :icontwilighthey1plz:
My account is "UltraHedgetoaster" :lol:

...I dunno, something about that error just struck me as absolutely hilarious for no apparent reason. :iconspikederpplz: Maybe it's because of this. :lol: :iconcheerileeawesomeplz:

Pinkie Pie vector (c) :iconjaelachan:…
('cause I was too lazy to draw something myself and apparently these are free to use if given credit :shrug:)

[MLP] The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well - alternate ending [LINK]

So, in episode 8 of season 2, we got ourselves a superhero pony who seemingly can do things that a single pony shouldn't be capable of (unless maybe she was an alicorn-princess :shrug:) ... and in the end of the episode, when Dash ripps off her disguise, what do we see? :O_o:

...makes sense, right? ;)

[MLP] Gotta collectbuy 'em all! Hurry, only 3 days left! Now 60% off! [LINK]
This is from the infamous Gameloft MLP mobile game. You know, one of those "free-to-play" games where you have to spend hundreds of real dollars / euros to get enough gemstones to complete the game, because other than hacking the game's savefile, that would be impossible? :roll:

I found this in-game advertisement for the latest "special offer" strangely ironic.

Vectors used: [link] [link]

sigh... every time I update this I never can figure out if the update actually shows up in people's inboxes.
Would someone be so kind as to post a comment in response to whenever I update this thing so I know it's actually getting through to my audience? ^^;

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July 26th '08

Well wow, I spend the whole day browsing deviantArt, only because I originally wanted to check someone's favourites to see if there was any of my work in there :XD: ^^;


Well, I have a journal listing all my previously used "webcams", ultra-the-hedgehog.deviantart.… so why not having the same thing for my old signatures? :lol:

I thought doing that in a seperate journal makes sense.



Toad: Sorry Mario, but the princess is in a different part of the Galaxy.
Mario: What ever happend to "another castle"?
Toad: You wish.

~Super Mario Galaxy~


Wake up, Neo.
Follow the white rabbid.


On second thought, that isn't really a good idea.

[ That one didn't last very long. ]


Bomberman: "Yes... yes... 'somebody'...
... NOOooooo, the irony!!"


[Yeah, that was a good one ;)]

"...I'm home ... all along...
Sony you! Sony you all to hell!"

- Planet of the PS3's

(Substitute "PS3" with "Xbox One" if you like.)

[ Using the word "sony" as a curse-word!  :D
Also used that joke in the Zelda Twilight Zone movie.'s a long story.
In short: Ultra wants to buy PS3, has to wait extra long since he lives in Europe, turns out he would have to pay 2x as much as people in Japan, and shortly before the release gets informed that compared to both Japan and US, he'd get a worse (to none) backwards compability to play PS1 / PS2 games, which would have been the main buying reason. So basically spend 5 months waiting for the PS3 and then bought an Xbox360 instead.
I wanted to play Sonic 2006 after all. :lol: ]


We have to blow up the pie, IN SPACE -


[ Actually, you'll only come to realise the meaning of that in the (probably distant) future. You could try deciphering it though XD ]


Quick, run!! Everybody run!!!! SONIC IS GOING TO EXPLODE!!!! :noes:


[Came up with that after seeing Red Hedgehog Ep.2… and formulating a comment on the first scene.

Is outdated now since Sonic already exploded, in this comic by Frobman:… It happens in pannel 8. ]

[And now for something completely ...else.]

One day, in the far of distant future, we'll regret what we've done.
The day will come, when they're no longer helpless.

The Yoshis will rise...

                                       -   King Toad the IXth, 2147 A.D.


first signature.
Actually hinting at an extremely big, totally extremely intense, incredibly ambitious flash project, that I had in my head since late 2005, and creating it was one of two main buying reasons for flash! ......and which I still haven't actually even started yet, since it's probably TOO ambitious. :XD: ^^;

Well.. I split this piece of info off into a seperate journal. ultra-the-hedgehog.deviantart.…


NOTE TO SELF: check if someone already invented cybernetically improved cows with build-in coffee maschine  -  if not, invent it and make millions! :evillaugh:

  Came up with this one during a drawing I'm doing. Some part of a cybernetically improved organism I drew looked like a coffee maschine to me... though *that* animal certainly doesn't give milk :XD:


There really is a god...
He has a deviantArt-account: :pray:

...self explanatory :XD:

Oh, and in case you should search for the devil... he's been banned, probably due to violation of deviantArt's guidelines! :D


three random facts about me
1. I recently finished Sonic Chronicles
2. My birthday is December 16th 1984 ...  1:59pm, GMT+0
3. I bought an Xbox360 ONLY so I could play Sonic 2006. :noes:

Is outdated, as "recently finished Sonic Chronicles" is no longer "recently".

"Mario go fish! ... IN HELL!!" :devil:

Just watch this.… You'll feel the same.

// variable % of teens today would...
if ( situation && youAreNotOneOfThem(you, variable) ){

No need to explain. I study Computer Science =p


We must call Jack Bauer for help, only he can diffuse the bomb.
And save the president.
And stop world hunger.
And rescue the princess.
And find Waldo.

And AAAAAALLL in only ONNNE DAY!!!11!! :crazy:


"The castle is in another castle."
"... that's deep, man" :spin:


"Mew is the ultimate Pokémon that can learn *all* attacks" -





"99.8 percent of all castles contain Toad. If you are one of the 0.2 percent that contains the princess, copy and paste this into your signature."


"Oh my god... it's full of ponies!" :noes:



"So... this is the point in our conversation where my train of thought is going off the rails and flies off into the sunset." :P

:iconover9000plz: "IT'S OVER INFINITIVE!!!!"
:iconwhat9000plz: "WHAT INFINITIVE?!!!!"

:iconsaywhaplz: :icon1upnoesplz: :iconsonicwhatplz: :iconboomboomplz:
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